Dglobe is one of the leading companies in construction management and assembly of coatings in small and large buildings.

With offices in Portugal, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, works managed and executed in Europe and the Middle East.

As most important qualities of our activity, we highlight the quality and accuracy of our work, as  well as good labor relationship teamwork, as a proactive and permanent attitude of updating.

This attitude allowed us to accumulate knowledge and improve our performance. We consider that a positive strength.

Ours teams of Engineers, Architects, Project Managers and many others Technicians with knowledge and experience in the standing seam, decking and cladding systems. They are manage by a strong and organize leadership supported by Comercial and Financial department and Quality Control.

Take advantage of our expertise and technical advice, from the planning phase right through to on-site construction.

Employment and equal opportunities

Because we believe that the most important in a company is our people, we implemented an employment policy with equal opportunities with either personally and professionally development.


We are an international company working in Portugal, France, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and also have developed works in Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom , Morocco and Scotland.

Dglobe Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an added value for our customers, based on the dedication, professionalism and humility.

Our strategy is to act according to the highest standards in the market, with the principles:

Respect for the environment;

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!

For such are applied the following principles:

- Promote the acceptance of new workers, thus facilitating it adaptation to the processes, methods and new colleagues;
- Valuation of human resources, promoting the constant updating and training of people;

- Equal opportunities; 
- No discrimination; 
- No to racism; 
- Social integration, the right to a second chance.


‐ Project Management;
- Execution of projects of Metal Structures and Coatings;
- Assembly of Standing Seam and Cladding System;
- Assembly of Waterproofing and Insulation of buildings;
- Assembly of Metal Structures;
- Planning, Fabrication and assembly of security systems such as, Fall
Arrest System and Walkways;
- Maintenance of buildings.

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